BEHOLD! The Moe Lane Black Friday sale!

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You won’t believe how mercenary this post is!

Ten hours sleep! What a concept.  Anyway, thanks to the miracle of sales four annual passes to Colonial Williamsburg turned out to be cheaper than two adult’s and two kid’s one-day, so it’s off to pick them up and a full day of dragging the kids to various historical things, in the hope that the history will rub off on them or something.  But there will be lunch and rum punch, so it’s all good.

Anyway, this is likely to be one of the few posts you see here today, and it’s frankly up in large part because of Black Friday.  If you’re in the mood to rebel against it by ordering stuff online, well.  This link will take you to Amazon.  Yup. It sure will.

See all y’all on the flip side, folks.

Moe Lane

Penny Arcade and Black Friday.

I have to admit, this is pretty much my reaction:

As someone with experience in these matters – on both sides of the retail divide – Gabriel simply stays home for Black Friday.  And it’s not because he doesn’t like to buy things.  We discussed it all in the podcast you may absorb at some future date: he feels that the “deals” are illusory and that he doesn’t especially relish the thought of his heel on a retail worker’s trachea while he pours into the Consumer Battle Arena.  He has been that motherfucker in there, the one with the human throat, and even if there is still a pitched melee with or without him he can (at the very least) guarantee one less heel.

I don’t particularly criticize Black Friday on a regular basis, because there are elements of the criticism – and, more importantly, some of the critics – that taste more than a little of class snobbery. But I’ve done holiday retail. Pleasant, it is not.

Happy Black Friday! …Stay home. Eat leftovers. Visit. Click my Amazon affiliate links for your shopping.

…Although, thanks to a little-known codicil in my in-law’s traditions manual, it happens that today is the day that we do the turkey and stuffing and the dinner that couldn’t be beat. So, yeah, light posting again today.

In the meantime… for the love of God, don’t go out there and shop. Go to Amazon – you’ll be doing yourself AND me a favor if you click that link and get your bargain hunting done that way.