Who the heck let George Lucas wander around the Solo set unattended?

He ended up being managing to be “helpful:”

“[George Lucas] had intended to just kind of stop by and say hi, and he stayed five hours,” [Lucasfilm President Kathleen] Kennedy says. “There’s even one little moment in a scene that — I can’t tell you what, sorry — but in the scene on the Millennium Falcon where George said, ‘Why doesn’t Han just do this.’”

In other words, George Lucas helped direct a small part of Solo.

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George Lucas will open a one billion dollar museum in Los Angeles. …Eventually.

Funny thing about that, actually.  The Los Angeles Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will itself only cost $200 million.  The rest is earmarked for the four times that George Lucas plans to tear down the entire thing, obsessively focus over the pieces for a while, and rebuild it into ‘what it was meant to be all along.’


Tweet of the Day, You Know Why You Can’t Play As George Lucas in LEGO: SWTFA? edition.

That’s right, they couldn’t lick that “immediately start giggling and run George Lucas straight off of the nearest chasm. Over and over and over again” bug.  Real tricky one, that. On the bright side: instant DLC, am I right?

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Quote of the Day, George Lucas Is Upset That Star Wars No Longer Sucks edition.

This post of mine took longer than you might think to put up: it’s rather difficult to type when you’re only using two middle fingers.

Mr. Lucas appeared particularly unhappy with the direction the “Star Wars” franchise has taken since he sold the rights to it, along with Lucasfilm, his company, to Disney for $4 billion. He compared the sale to a breakup and a divorce.

The kind where one of the parties involved has to put out a restraining order… hey, I AM being measured in my response. Lucas literally called Disney ‘white slavers’ in this interview. As long as I don’t go more over-the-top than he did, I’m golden.

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Tweet of the Day, …’Suggests?’ edition.

I thought that it was already well-known that George Lucas wrote the prequels because he grew to hate that which he created; and, by extension, hate us for being so gauche as to love it, and demand more and more of it for entirely the wrong reasons.

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George Lucas shut out of plot for Star Wars: Episode VII.

This first got mentioned in comments here and has since been reported via Twitter: George Lucas has nothing to do with the plot to Episode VII. “When [George Lucas] handed over his iconic franchise he also gave the studio his plotline for Star Wars: Episode 7… Disney, however, did not use any of the 70-year-old filmmakers ideas for the new installment.”

…Yeah, I know.  how can we possibly live with this disappointment?

The inevitable ‘Star Wars VII Trailer, George Lucas Special Edition version’ post.

You have our collective permission to keep George Lucas away from the editing room on this one, Disney. We might even forgive you if your security staff – well, no, you shouldn’t break people’s hands. But don’t let him ‘help’ any more than you possibly can, because it will inevitably end in this:


Via Do-Gooder Press.

Let me solve the ‘original Star Wars is not available’ dispute.

I have absolutely, positively, I respect these people utterly, no problems with those who are reconstructing the original Star Wars movie frame by frame because George Lucas is a frustrated would-be auteur who can’t stand the fact that he will go down in movie history for creating the greatest space opera of his century.  But the man is a would-be auteur who got bought out by the Mouse.  For an insane amount of money – and if Disney didn’t lock down the redistribution rights to George Lucas’s cocktail napkin scribbles in the process, well, I can’t believe that Disney didn’t do that.

So, here’s how it can play out:.

  • Disney collectively realizes that enough people will pay cash money for the original Star Wars trilogy to justify a DVD set.
  • Disney collectively realizes that those same people will visibly not care if Disney breaks George Lucas’s hands if that’s what it takes to get access to the original footage.
  • Disney releases the dang movies.
  • George Lucas whines about it, and goes back to obsessively trying to edit his epic space operas into something that doesn’t burn his soul.

I think that this is reasonable.

Via… hrm. :clickety click click: Ah, Hot Air Headlines.

Wow. It worked! The Internet broke George Lucas!

There’ll be no living with it now.

The criticism got to Lucas. He found it difficult to be creative when people were calling him a jerk. “It was fine before the Internet,” he says. “But now with the Internet, it’s gotten very vicious and very personal. You just say, ‘Why do I need to do this?’ ”

Well, the most obvious answer there is: you don’t.  Instead, you sell your intellectual property to Disney, which has this weird idea that you’ll sell more product if you produce product that people want to buy.