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I was given the very useful advice today to remind people to sign up to things like my Substack, which functions much like a mailing list and definitely does allow people to keep track of what I’m doing professionally as a writer. And my Patreon hungers for backers! So. Substack! Patreon! Both full of useful stuff!

#DavesCarIDService Now available on Substack!

I know some of you don’t like Twitter – well, nobody likes Twitter; we just endure it – but if you felt bad that you were missing Iowahawk’s almost preternatural ability to tell you what the car was in that snapshot of your Aunt Mabel, well: he’s got a Substack now. $5 a month, $40 a year; and Lord, but the number of people out there upset that Substack even exists! And they’re all the kind of people you take some pleasure in seeing upset, too. Gives an extra little frisson to the whole affair.

But it’s still mostly about the car IDs.

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