The ‘Car Wars’ Bundle of Holding.

Bundle of Holding: Car Wars.  Hmm.  This one I might pick up, despite the fact that of course I have all of this stuff.  Heck, I had the Autoduel America map up on my wall, much to the resignated chagrin of my long-suffering wife.

…Wait.  Where is my Autoduel America map? I seem to have misplaced it.


Anyway, the Car Wars stuff is kind of scattered around the place. Having the PDFs might be handy, at that.  Must consider.

Moe Lane

PS: I gotta go see if it’s in the craft room closet.  A lot of geekstuff hides in there now.

PPS: No luck, but I did find two music stands that my wife was looking for (and didn’t think could be in the craft room), so we’ll score that as a success anyway.


Hey, a #CarWars contest.

I gotta think about this one for a minute. I have the outline of it in my head, or at least the number of syllables. It just has to bubble up from my subconscious… well, I hope.


…Yeah, sorry.

Got sucked into thinking about Doomsday projections for Car Wars.  Which is, by the way, a pretty freaking gruesome thing to think about on a warm April night.

Moe Lane

PS: You know what’s not gruesome? These exclusive OGRE sponsor counter sheets.  These expensive sponsor counter sheets…


Not being an initiate of Gygax does have its advantages.

Heh.  Something like this happened to me: to wit, like Tycho of Penny Arcade, in my house, growing up, AD&D was specifically banned.

… my mom gave me an incredible gift here that almost certainly informed my life.  I think a lot of people go right to D&D, and that’s it.  You can play Dungeons & Dragons your whole life, I’m not gonna tell you that would be bad.  It is at least as good and probably better than a lot of the shit you get up to.  But she didn’t let me start with it, and the reason doesn’t matter now.  I was made to cast a wide net, and I hauled up treasure.

But, like Tycho… my mom just banned AD&DMERP/Rolemaster?  No problem.  Car Wars?  OK. GURPS? Sure, no worries.  …Paranoia?  Fine, although Orcbusters pushed my mom’s buttons.  I suspect that a lot of gamers have that history; and the members of the gaming industry that aren’t working for Wizards of the Coast should be, frankly, properly grateful about it.

Moe Lane


And now, in truly important news…

…just got me my “I made Steve Jackson work on Car Wars” T-shirt.

Because the Post Office is working today, unlike pretty much the rest of Maryland.

Can’t wait for THAT Kickstarter.


So… 9K left to getting a Car Wars Kickstarter.

They’re looking pretty close, and… look, I want Car Wars back, OK?  I am even now waiting to see if various funds unlock in enough time to push me up from the $100 (game) to the $150 (game and extra goodies) rate before the clock stops ticking, or I’d be kicking in more right now.  Since I can’t… hey, they have t-shirts!

Also, here’s an analysis of the entire SJG Kickstarter strategy.  There’s some interesting stuff in there that’s kind of relevant  beyond the immediate situation.

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