The Curious Incident of the Venom suit in the Venom trailer.

“There was no Venom Suit shown in the Venom trailer.”

“That was the curious incident.”


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The most interesting cinematic conspiracy theory I’ve seen today (Spider-man/Life/Venom).

OK, so basically Sony is going to make a Venom movie.   …OK.  You know something?  That’s fine. That could be watchable. Lord knows Sony is probably smarting at the way that it had to kiss up to Marvel to get Spider-Man to appear in the MCU; they want to make some money of their own, they’ve got the rights to Venom, it might not suck.  And, hey, it can back into the MCU the way that Deadpool kind of pretended to do with the Helicarrier and everything. So… all right.  Good luck with that, Sony. I mean it. (more…)

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