(Via @instapundit) If blogging is dead, it’s a lively enough corpse.

I guess that it’s interesting that Technorati shut down, but honestly: I haven’t really used that site in years. And I’m not exactly sure what is meant by ‘the demise of the blogosphere.’ I mean, it’s still there: in fact, if you look outside of politics it’s possibly stronger than it’s ever been*. What happened was just that the folks who tried out blogging when it was a fad have now dropped it (nothing wrong with that, by the way) and those of us who are still doing it have at the same time branched out.

None of this is making me fume or snark, by the way. I just thought that linking the death of an admittedly once-popular yardstick to the death of an entire communications sub-network (which hasn’t actually died) seemed like at least a bit of a reach.

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*’Mom blogs.’

#rsrh You’d think nobody’s ever caused a netrooter to flip out before.

The reaction to this has been a fascinating thing to watch, on both sides. Maybe I’m just Old-School, but it’s not exactly shocking to me that there are Left-blogosphere sites that will start screaming at the drop of a hat; this used to happen all the time, you know.  It’s just that the Left-Sphere has been long since gelded into being cheer/yell leaders for the Democratic Establishment, and the Right-Sphere has long since graduated to going after the Democratic Establishment.

For some reason, this just seems to be the epitome of it all:

Forty bucks for a two hour debate?  Dear God but these people are pikers: try one thousand per hour, Sparky, topic set in advance, and keep your hands off of the mute button.  Assuming that I even feel like accepting that, either: after all, it might interfere with my election coverage. Continue reading #rsrh You’d think nobody’s ever caused a netrooter to flip out before.

Not buying this SMBC comic.

Not the bit about evolution/homosexuality bit – as I understand it, Darwinian theory is a little bit more nuanced than that when addressing the ways that traits that affect the group/pack/tribe can be valuable for the species in general even when they’re personally evolutionary dead ends – but the suggestion that gamers and/or bloggers don’t have the opportunity to breed.  I mean, speaking as a gamer… sure, back in the 1980s and 1990s there was a pretty lopsided gender ratio, but I know lots of female gamers these days.  It’s been that way for a while: I’m trying (and failing) to remember the last campaign that I was in that didn’t have a minimum of two female players in it, or a female player and a female GM.  Heck, my wife’s a GM herself.

Maybe we should update that particular cultural stereotype?

Moe Lane

If it’s February, it’s time for the death of blogging!

Ah, the end of blogging (yes, RS McCain doesn’t think that it’s dead, either).  Here we go again, I guess: I’ve been doing this gig since 2002, 2003, and every so often somebody puts up an article about how the medium is doomed, or how the entire paradigm is going to change, or something.  Entertainingly, the examples of blogs that the authors use are invariably ones that I’ve never heard of, which should make you thoughtful about how good a handle on the entire medium said authors actually have.

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Andrew Sullivan and the days bloggers have.

I normally try to adopt a back-away-slowly reaction to Andrew Sullivan – I’m not a trained psychological professional, but frankly that man’s a crazy as a outhouse rat these days – but R.S. McCain, in the process of idly smacking around Sullivan for the latest exercise in conspiracy thinking (honestly, if the Weekly World News won’t go with it*, why is the Atlantic doing so?), notes something:

The “how was your day” question is kind of weird for a blogger to explain…

Ain’t that the truth. I suspect that my wife approaches that question the same way that a bomb squad approaches a suspicious package. Alas, I always ask her how her day went, so she’s stuck.

Moe Lane

*Yes, that is a slur on the Weekly World News. I apologize for it.

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Paid? People on the Right get *paid* to blog?

One of the results from the pledge drive post that I put together for my RedState colleague Caleb is his report of all the people who emailed him going “Don’t you guys have a pay structure at RedState?”

Err… no.  Various and sundry did get a bit from the Eagle buyout in 2007, but I’m not seeing a dime to blog over there now.  I do get free access to the front page of an influential and respected conservative blog, which makes it easily well worth my time to post there – but I’m not actually getting paid for it.  From what I can tell, very few people on the Right-sphere actually do.

Just clearing that up, in case any random conservative plutocrats happen to be wandering by.

Moe Lane