I’m not really joking about TINSEL RAIN prices maybe going up, mind you.

Amazon’s cost-per-book is likely to rise, which means that book prices will rise, too. I can’t do much about it, if/when it happens. Except, you know, add a buck or so to the book price. I don’t wanna, but expenses are gonna go up across the board.

The TINSEL RAIN alpha edits are done!

Huzzah! I’ll be collecting emails from everybody who volunteered to beta read tonight and send over the text tomorrow. Looking forward to getting more feedback. And starting the Kickstarter, so that I can maybe pay for this sucker. And, of course, publishing TINSEL RAIN…

Moe Lane

PS: Don’t forget to indoctrinate your friends!

Regretfully, the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION pre-order store is now CLOSED.

Which just means that if you didn’t do the Kickstarter and want a signed copy of TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION (or any of my other books), you’ll just have to buy a print book from Amazon and track me down at a convention, when we start having those again. Or wait until the next Kickstarter. I do need to work out how to sell copies directly, but unfortunately I’m still two or three books away from the daily sales needed to justify the effort.