BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS has arrived! I’ve wanted this supplement for a while, now. Just… not enough to spend hundreds of dollars on it, mind you.

04/06/21 Revisions, MORGAN BAROD.

Finished Part I! Which was originally twice the size in the draft, but MORGAN BAROD is a three-part novel, not a two-part one. Also had to do some serious rewrites of one character there, but it was necessary. This is why alpha and beta readers are a thing: the book’s better, once I swallowed my pride.

I’ve started in on Part II, which is also “Morgan Barod and the Eldritch Tome” in TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION. Which means, naturally, that I am thoroughly sick of seeing it at this point. Edits and edits and more editing later…

The GODZILLA VS. KONG Honest Trailer.

I guess Honest Trailers doesn’t wait anymore, when it’s streaming. They also understand the fundamental thing about GODZILLA VS. KONG: this movie cannot be judged by the usual criteria. It is about spectacle, pure and simple. They also picked up on the retro-conspiracy theory, which I kind of wish this series would go and run with. I like me a good Merovingian fish-man plot movie…