Rejoice, Citizen! The Paranoia Bundle of Holding is now available for voluntary enjoyment!

The Paranoia Bundle of Holding is one set of RPG PDFs that I will pick up… next week, when the cash flow, well, flows.  For those who don’t know: Paranoia is a RPG about bureaucracy, paranoia (obviously), satire, humor, and tactical nuclear grenades.  It is so notoriously lethal that every player starts with six clones, on the perfectly correct assumption that they’ll be needed to get the character through a single adventure.  It’s hysterical, it’s iconic, and it’s the latest version, which corrected a heck of a lot of problems from the latest vers-



Citizens are reminded that all rumors of an immediately previous edition of Paranoia are treasonous Communist propaganda, and punishable by summary execution.  The Computer has ensured that the perfection of Paranoia has been steadily improved; please report all rumors of previous editions to Internal Security for investigation and brainscrub.

Have a nice day.


Not being an initiate of Gygax does have its advantages.

Heh.  Something like this happened to me: to wit, like Tycho of Penny Arcade, in my house, growing up, AD&D was specifically banned.

… my mom gave me an incredible gift here that almost certainly informed my life.  I think a lot of people go right to D&D, and that’s it.  You can play Dungeons & Dragons your whole life, I’m not gonna tell you that would be bad.  It is at least as good and probably better than a lot of the shit you get up to.  But she didn’t let me start with it, and the reason doesn’t matter now.  I was made to cast a wide net, and I hauled up treasure.

But, like Tycho… my mom just banned AD&DMERP/Rolemaster?  No problem.  Car Wars?  OK. GURPS? Sure, no worries.  …Paranoia?  Fine, although Orcbusters pushed my mom’s buttons.  I suspect that a lot of gamers have that history; and the members of the gaming industry that aren’t working for Wizards of the Coast should be, frankly, properly grateful about it.

Moe Lane

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