Well, here’s another Wonder Woman trailer.

:drumming fingers: I want to believe that this isn’t going to be bad.  I really do. But I can see either a really good Wonder Woman movie peeking out of this trailer, or a really bad one.  And I won’t know which one we’re all going to see until it actually comes out.

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Bring back the Red Skull!

A little bit earlier I was wondering on Twitter when they were bringing back the Red Skull to the MCU – dissolved or no, he and Loki are the only two really decent villains the movies have had – and then I found out that the answer is ‘probably not, because Hugo Weaving didn’t enjoy the experience.’  Which is a shame, honestly. He pretty much locked in that role. Continue reading Bring back the Red Skull!

I’m not sure what’s more surreal about Thor: Ragnarok.

…that Jeff Goldblum has decided to embrace his inner David Bowie*:

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Ain’t gonna lie: I’d watch Disney Princess Avengers.

Sans Pocahontas, of course.  She needs to be switched out with either Mulan or Cuzco; and I’d only go with Cuzco if he somehow retained his ability to transform into a llama at need. So, yeah, Mulan.  She’s easily the best tactician of the Disney princesses*, after all.

This is, of course, from the Moana Honest Trailer, which I’d talk more about except DISNEY PRINCESS AVENGERS. That drove everything else out of my head, sorry. Continue reading Ain’t gonna lie: I’d watch Disney Princess Avengers.

I am suspicious of the Last Jedi trailer going around.

I suspect it to be leaked footage; the clip here doesn’t feel like an official release.


I’m of several minds on this sort of thing, honestly.  On the one hand, putting out leaked footage like this is stealing stuff that doesn’t belong to you.  On the other hand, Disney fully expects to make banks* on The Last Jedi when it comes out and trailers like this aren’t going to hurt that bottom line one bit.  And on the gripping hand: if you’re going to take stuff that doesn’t belong to you and put it up on the Internet, try to match the technical skill of the people that you’re stealing from. The various audio bits are muddled and getting in the way of each other.

Moe Lane

*It’s already a given that they’re going to make bank, singular.  Their expectations are bank, plural.

Welp, they released another ‘The Assignment’ trailer.

And, well.  What I said earlier still applies.  However, you should watch it, if only to hear Sigourney Weaver say the immortal line “I’ve liberated you from the macho prison you’ve been living in.”  Not to mention dressing like a woman wearing a suit in Fallout 4. I can’t WAIT for this movie to get noticed more widely.

Indiana Jones V scheduled for 2019.

Starring Harrison Ford and with Spielberg directing. Comes out in 2019. Consider this… the dark side of having the Mouse expand inexorably into, as Slashfilm put it, “Star Wars and Marvel and Pixar and everything else that you love.”

If there is a bright side to any of this, it’s that Indiana Jones V would absolutely have to be a bridge movie to whatever new franchise Disney has planned.  Slashfilm suggests one last hurrah; my wife argues that it makes more sense to Old Indy being used as a framing device to spin a tale about New Indy, back in the day.  If this last part sounds like something out of Young Indiana Jones, well: it worked, didn’t it? …Sort of.  At least, it only really failed because of the lack of money.  And the Mouse is typically happy to spend a ton of money if it means getting a ton and a half back.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show turns 20 this week.

As opposed to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, which I quite ecumenically also enjoy and like. It is difficult to hate a comedy with Donald Sutherland and Rutger Hauer in it, although Joss Whedon certainly seems ready to give it the old college try.  At any rate: the Buffy show has been around now for twenty years, and we are all old.

On the plus side: this is a great deal for the TV series. Almost suspiciously so, in fact. What’s the catch, I wonder?