Sure, let lame duck Barack Obama normalize relations with Cuba.

Better him than somebody who still has a meaningful political career.

Since John F Kennedy, Presidential foreign policy towards Cuba can be summed up in one sentence: Let my successor be the one who has to be the guy that let Fidel Castro win.  Well, guess what: Barack Obama volunteered to be the poor, stupid sad sack that has to eat the pavement on that. CNBC reports: “The U.S. is starting talks with Cuba to normalize full diplomatic relations and open an embassy, according to U.S. officials. The expanded relationship would also open imports of Cuban cigars somewhat, according to a CNN report.”  We get cigars and some political prisoners released; Cuba gets to win. Continue reading Sure, let lame duck Barack Obama normalize relations with Cuba.

There is a beer shortage in Cuba.

Effing Commies.

Cuba has been hit by a severe beer shortage during one of its hottest summers on record, sparking hoarding and driving thirsty drinkers to pay greatly inflated prices.

A sharp fall in production at the island’s main brewery, Bucanero, at the beginning of the year has trickled its way down the supply chain at the worst possible time: the third-hottest summer since 1951.


Bucanero makes four brands of beer: Bucanero, Cristal, Cacique and Mayabe. The company has a virtual monopoly in Cuba, though some imported beers are also available, albeit at a large mark-up.

You know, civilized and functional economic systems can keep the beer flowing.  Note, by the way, that it’s the regular Cuban who will take it in the neck; the elites will have their beer.  Their foreign beer.

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So, I’ve figured out how to keep Marco Rubio doing stuff we’d all approve of..

Piss him the hell off.

Fourteen minutes’ worth of Cuba apologists’ guts being made into garters, including the apologists in Congress. Oh, my, yes, most assuredly the apologists in Congress. Watch it even if you’re still mad at Marco: you probably won’t stop being mad at him, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that Tom Harkin is quietly seething because there’s no way he can match Senator Rubio’s ability to put the rhetorical boot in.

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Tweet of the Day, HAHAHAHA :Breathe: HAHAHAHA edition.

You all know my views on Ed Snowden.  But this is… somehow apropos.  Or symbolic:

Via Twitchy. Hot Air has more; Ed’s being nicer about it, or at least laughing in private.

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PS: BTW, NEVER TRUST CONTENT FROM GLENN GREENWALD. Trust him and you’ll end up on a twelve hour flight from a former Commie hellhole to a current Commie hellhole with no story, and probably nothing to read.

Cuba now a haven for pedophilia sex trade.


Foreign tourists, especially Canadians and Spaniards, are travelling to Cuba in surprising numbers for sex — and not just with adult prostitutes. They are finding underage girls and boys, a joint investigation by The Toronto Star and El Nuevo Herald has found.

Havana’s conspicuous scenes of street-level prostitution are the outward face of a hidden prostitution trade in minors, some as young as four, some with families complicit in their exploitation, the newspapers found.

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The Washington Post has a macaca on its back.

I swear to God, it’s like the paper remembers that one, perfect high that it got from torpedoing then-Senator George Allen’s re-election run in 2006, and has been chasing the dragon ever since:

  • 2009: You all remember the McDonnell/Deeds gubernatorial contest, yes?  You also remember how the WaPo went so all-in on pushing an absurd story that Jim Geraghty started calling it the Washington Bob McDonnell’s Thesis.
  • 2011:  The Rick Perry nonsense with regard to the name of a ranch that his family rented hunting rights to.  Notice how that didn’t blow up after all?

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So, Hugo Chavez is in the hospital?

Lots of speculation as to why, up to and including prostate cancer.  Cancer’s a horrible way to go, of course, but what nobody’s apparently noting is that the reason that Chavez still in the hospital is almost certainly because it’s a Cuban one.  Propagandists like Michael Moore to the contrary, Commies tend to suck at anything that doesn’t involve turning large numbers of living peasants into dead ones.

Yes, yes, yes, they have the best health care ever.  That’s why they have all of those guards; it’s to keep people from sneaking into Cuba in order to get their gallbladders removed*.

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Via @allahpundit.

*Give me the resources of a country and a reasonable cut of the proceeds and I can create a functional medical tourism system that caters to the Third World, too.  Particularly if malpractice suits aren’t an issue.

#rsrh Springtime with Castro.

It’s spring, so it’s time for another article on how Communism in Cuba is surely on its last legs.  These hopeful articles spring up on a regular basis; the only problem is, it’s false hope.  Like it or not, the brain-drain of Cubans who are well aware that the United States – a country that will almost gleefully take them in and allow their talents to blossom – is a mere jury-rigged boat ride away means that the long-term prospects for reform are low. So we get the smart people who might have otherwise become actual reformers; they keep the idiots* who think that Marxism can be made to work, somehow.

In other words: great for us, bad for Cuba.  Don’t have an answer for that one, except maybe recognize the darn government and ease travel restrictions.  Not that I can really blame Barack Obama for not wanting to be the President who Castro finally beat; it’s not like every President before him hadn’t come to the same decision…

Moe Lane

*Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people.

Maurice Hinchey’s (D, NY-22) Spring-time with Castro.

Because, you know, what’s a little grinding poverty, utter failure of an economic system, routine and widespread violation of human rights, and general nastiness when compared against the need to keep a House seat?

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Cuba shuts down… Cuba… to save energy.

(Via Drudge) Note that this directive involved 90% of the economic infrastructure of Cuba.

HAVANA, Nov 11 (Reuters)
– Cuba has ordered all state enterprises to adopt “extreme measures” to cut energy usage through the end of the year in hopes of avoiding the dreaded blackouts that plagued the country following the 1991 collapse of its then-top ally, the Soviet Union.

In documents seen by Reuters, government officials have been warned that the island is facing a “critical” energy shortage that requires the closing of non-essential factories and workshops and the shutting down of air conditioners and refrigerators not needed to preserve food and medicine.

It apparently more or less worked – no word on how many people it killed while doing so – but I have an alternate suggestion: how about the next time this happens the Cubans replace the current ruling regime with a functional democracy, embrace a free market capitalist system, and utterly reject the modified Marxist theology that they’re currently suffering from? That way they can stop worrying about keeping the air conditioning running, and start worrying about the populace’s obesity rates.

Just wanted to throw that out there.

Moe Lane

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