What I will do with the FERMI RESOLUTION RPG worldbook.

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The Fermi Resolution RPG manuscript has been updated and expanded, and rules for GUMSHOE added. However, the manuscript still requires text on how to handle necromancy, enchantment, and alchemy; and the whole thing needs to be blended. There’s also art to be included, and a lot of playtesting. A whole lot of playtesting.

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07/10/2020 Report, FERMI RESOLUTION RPG worldbook: 32,263/38,400.

I was miscounting pages, so… 6K words to go, after all. The good news is, all the original stuff has had the expanded pass-through and everything else is fill-in-the-blanks. I should be able to hack it all together by Monday and get it out to the other folks having a look-see.

Not much else going on, really.

07/09/2020 Report, FERMI RESOLUTION RPG Worldbook: 31,000/37,800

I powered through both the magic and the religion sections today, because those two are related in terms of mechanics and I thought it’d be easier to just get it all done at once. Tomorrow I think I can just burn through the last three original sections left and then spend the weekend punching up the rest. The goal is to hand it off to a couple of folks I’m consulting with next week and see what they think.

After that, I can get on with the sonnets. And the adventure which I’m going to run for the session*. And after that, I’ve… run out of stuff to do? I could get back to normal? But what is normal, really? I’ve kind of forgotten by now.

Moe Lane

*No, I haven’t forgotten the books. The books start getting processed this weekend. Letter, sign, wrap, label, send out, yay!

07/08/2020 Report, FERMI RESOLUTION RPG: 30,158/37,800.

Got the original Geography part finished and added some more locations. The next two are the big ones, though: Magic and Religion. I wrote them originally before I had an actual magical system to link them to, and there’s going to have to be revisions there. Mechanically, magic and theurgy run off of the same mechanics; but the styles are completely different in this iteration.

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