Hey, In Nomine* Superiors: Zadkiel is out!

How did I miss this… oh, right, new baby.

Yeah, I should get back to more roleplaying geekery.  Heck, between the new kid and the slightly older one it’s been hard to even throw dice down recently.

Moe Lane

*For those wondering: In Nomine is a RPG that intersects angels, demons, and automatic weaponry.  It’s my favorite roleplaying setting in the whole wide world, and I really should start another campaign in it.

OK, this is kind of funny, if you’re a gamer.

There are apparently two R. Borgstroms in the gaming world: there’s Rebecca Borgstrom, who wrote Nobilis*…

…$150?  Excuse me while I get my copy out of the reach of children and into an inert nitrogen atmosphere.

…and then there’s Rolfe Borgstrom, who got mentioned in this article about gaming out Land of the Lost.  The main site (Transitive Property of Gaming) looks interesting, too.  As for the article… true enough, as far as it goes; but you should also try GURPS Dinosaurs & Cadillacs & Dinosaurs: there was also one involving an alien planet, dinosaurs, and cowboys, but the title has slipped my mind.

What? No, actually, I know plenty of women who game. My wife’s a GM, in fact. Why do you ask?

Moe Lane

*Which I personally feel would be just crying out for a d20 version, if only I had any morally justifiable reason to be that nihilistic and cruel.

The Georgia Guidestones: a challenge.

To continue in my RPG-themed mood from earlier: if you are a gamemaster and you find that you cannot turn this story into fodder for your next urban fantasy / secret magic / time travel / modern horror / conspiracy campaign, just go ahead and turn in your GM screen now and slink off in shame.


HT: Instapundit.

Moe Lane

PS: What? Oh, it’s clearly the work of secret Japanese zaibatsu who have deciphered the secrets of the ancient Mayans sufficiently well enough to ‘predict’ the next disastrous solar flare in 2012: the languages are all from countries on the Pacific and Indian Ocean Rims, which will be the areas least affected by the flares. In the aftermath, the megacorporations will reveal themselves to the shattered people of the world, and take their rightful place as head of the rebuilding efforts. And if you’re wondering how the zaibatsu know how the flares will happen to go off in time to save these specific areas… well, it turns out that the Mayans had actually worked out a way to set off a solar flare (ancient astronauts, don’t you know*). So the zaibatsu aren’t so much going to ‘predict’ as they are ’cause.’ I’m sorry? Yes, of course there’s a volcano lair. Or maybe the caldera under Yellowstone. More topical. See how easy that is?

*“Aren’t those supposed to be Incans?” “Shut up.”

PPS: Enjoyed that?  Never want to see me do it again?  I take suggestions either way:

I finally watched Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising…

One of the people from the Sunday game brought it over, in lieu of us having an actual roleplaying game session tonight; and, yeah, it’s both a perfect representation of how people really roleplay, and why we really roleplay*. Well worth the time to watch.

You shall see no apologies for the ways of my people here; but if you want to figure us out – or you just miss the clatter of dice – check this one out.

Moe Lane

*Because it’s fun, that’s why.