#rsrh Hi, @jesseclee44! Enjoying my tax money?

Of course you are: you’re a Democrat.

Anyway, I’m given to understand that your job with the federal government is going to be to wander the Internet looking for people who are willing to say in public* that your boss President Barack Obama is a petulant man-child with delusions of adequacy and a profession skill set incapable of organizing an orgy in a bordello; presumably at that point you will quote-unquote ‘do battle’ with them, a la Terminator style.  Speaking as one of the @RedState folks, I’m sure that my posts will result in you engaging in highly entertaining flailing about… Continue reading #rsrh Hi, @jesseclee44! Enjoying my tax money?

Jake Tapper illustrates the use of Twitter.

Somebody in the regular media was whining about what the point of Twitter was, a few days ago.  The answer?

Rerouting around obstacles.

hey Chinese government – i found a way to sneak around your firewall on my laptop to get to twitter. Dont fear freedom, Chinese government.

He’s also commenting on the ChiComs’ attempt to stop American media from interviewing students. Sounds like there may be some juicy stuff on ABC tonight.

Moe Lane

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Let me be the first to suggest that Twitter’s DDOS woes are… geopolitical.

I have no absolutely evidence along those lines, but frankly I wouldn’t put it past the Iranian regime at all to pay somebody to cyber-bomb Twitter.  It’s certainly been comprehensive enough to fit the enhanced requirements of a nation-state.

…HAH!  It literally went up just as I wrote that!  Clearly, someone was monitoring my post.

Heedlessness Watch: White House Tweeter feed broken.

In the grand scheme of things, I suppose that this isn’t much of a much. Petty, unthinking, heedless, and completely indifferent to the historical record:

Barack Obama‘s Webheads are getting ready to launch a new Twitter feed for President Change. But the White House already had a Twitter account. It has disappeared down the memory hole.

Given the widespread belief that Obama invented the Internet, many will scoff at the idea that the Bush White House had a Twitter account. But it did — and the administration handed over twitter.com/thewhitehouse at noon on Inauguration Day, just like it did with the whitehouse.gov website. Google still has the old account, with Obama’s tweets, in its cache [ed. – In fact, as Mere Rhetoric notes, the actual material’s gone].

…but not the worst thing that this administration has managed to do so far.  Still, a little annoying:  I got used to having the grown-ups be in charge of running the country.

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