Eight books away from third best ordering month on Amazon!

Already my third-best revenue month, but last month I had a special sale of MORGAN BAROD for LibertyCon, and that skewed things. It’s gonna be a while yet before I reach the halcyon days of the first two months of the FROZEN DREAMS release, but that’s all right. There is a system. Things are progressing.

Anyway: tell people to buy my books! It’ll be good for them. And, well, obviously me, too.


July is Patreon Pledge Month, here at MoeLane.com!

So, I have a Patreon. You can find it in the link below, and it happens to be the single largest regular revenue generator I have. It’s the reason why I can *almost* publish a novel a year (I’m still in the stage of using Kickstarters to make up the difference, which is something that I’d like to phase out as soon as I practically can). Right now I’m at a point where I’m doing a short story and RPG campaign material every month, and microfiction every week. I flatter myself that the stuff is good. It’s certainly good enough that I can publish the fiction in chapbooks later without embarrassment!


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Today is Buy Moe Lane’s Books Day! https://amzn.to/3KdJ6sE

Because you strike when the iron is hot, that’s why. If everybody else is calling a special day, just for them – then why shouldn’t I?


Every time I feel bad about promoting my stuff, I remind myself that there’s an entire business model wrapped around the practice of telling people that the world has ended because they didn’t send you five dollars. This? This is tame.

So. Buy my books, review my books, and check out my Patreon. Or else nothing will happen. You don’t want nothing to happen, right?