07/08/2020 Report, FERMI RESOLUTION RPG: 30,158/37,800.

Got the original Geography part finished and added some more locations. The next two are the big ones, though: Magic and Religion. I wrote them originally before I had an actual magical system to link them to, and there’s going to have to be revisions there. Mechanically, magic and theurgy run off of the same mechanics; but the styles are completely different in this iteration.

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07/03/2020 Progress Report, FERMI RESOLUTION RPG: 25,600/37,800.

I’ve decided to go with a 64 page supplement, roughly 15 of which will be made of rules. That means that I have to shore up existing word count in a few places and add a few more pages elsewhere. The good news is, if I keep hitting the 1K words or so I managed today, it’ll be done by the middle of the month. Then it can be made coherent.

You can see the various snippets of progress on my Patreon:


…and I am sorry to say: this is going to be a month of fulfilling obligations, sorry. I got material that people paid for to chew through, and that’s going to take priority. You know how it goes.

In the Mail: The Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook.

I’m going to look over it for a week or so and decide whether to run a game in it for WashingCon. I’m not sure that I’m familiar with the actual rule set that the Dragon Age RPG uses, for one thing. I also don’t know whether I want to run a slugfest, which may be the tacit default option here.  I’ll mull it all over for a bit.





That moment when you realize…

…that the RPG supplement whose used-book price you’re looking at ruefully is actually a second edition of a previous supplement, under a different name. And that the picture on the cover looks awfully familiar. And then you go look on your shelves, and lo! There it is.

Yes. THAT moment. That f*cking moment.

[UPDATE] For clarity: I didn’t spend money on this.  Just an hour and a half of frustrating shopping time.