This Princess Bride thing is just a troll.

It’s a throwaway line from a Variety puff piece trying to explain, among other reasons, why CBS picked up and revived an IP (the One Day at a Time remake) that Netflix canned after three seasons because not enough people were watching it. Which CBS can do! I don’t watch network TV and I don’t have cable and I didn’t care if that show was on Netflix or not. But the Princess Bride thing was, like, one sentence in it.

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Book of the Week: The Princess Bride.

Yes, The Princess Bride the book is not as good as The Princess Bride the movie. William Goldman was a little sad, and perhaps a little weary, when he wrote it. Keeping that out of the movie was a smart call. But it’s such a good book, nonetheless. It’s unfair to judge it by its cinematic version.

And so, adieu to Anno Dracula: One Thousand Monsters.


If you skipped seeing The Princess Bride in theaters, you shouldn’t have.

It was a lot of fun to see it on the big screen.  My wife and I had a blast, although I spent most of the movie manfully trying not to say the dialogue along with the actor.  I do not have The Princess Bride memorized, but I could make an excellent stab* at it.  Oh, well: maybe some of you on the West Coast can still catch a 7 PM showing…

Moe Lane

PS: My wife has already indicated that we must go see Casablanca next month.  Fine by me!

*I found it interesting, by the way, that every stab and slice that Count Rugen inflicted on Inigo Montoya was replicated, in full and in the same place, by Inigo upon Rugen.  It was a nice touch.  Although Rugen would have probably disagreed.

The Princess Bride in Theaters October 15th and 18th.

Not go to see The Princess Bride in theaters?  Inconceivable! As soon as the babysitter confirms that she can do an extra hour I am absolutely buying two tickets. Also: I encourage the theaters to keep doing things like this.  I do not see the downside.

Tweet of the Day, …Inconceivable*! edition.

I once woke my sister up from her nap just because the Inigo/Six-Fingered Man fight scene was coming up. She forgave me for it, of course. It was necessary.

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Tweet of the Day, …NO, That Is NOT The Princess Bride edition.

There may or may not be an alternate universe where that cover is indeed an accurate reflection of William Goldman’s The Princess Bride, but it sure as Hell isn’t this one.

Although I will be fair about this; this is clearly a printing from before the movie came out and locked itself in as an essential part of modern American fantasy. No publisher would have tried to get away with a cover like that afterwards. I mean, the very thought of doing so would have been, oh, what’s the word?…

Movie Game of the Week: Mass Effect 2.

Because maybe this way I won’t throw Mass Effect 2 through the [expletive deleted] wall.  It’s gameplay is just different enough from Dragon Age: Origins that all of my reflexes are off.  And when I say ‘off’ I mean there’s actual nausea involved.  And, really, would a tutorial that didn’t make me feel all urgent-y and confused have hurt?

…Yes, yes, in three days it’ll be the Greatest Thing EVAR.

Anyway, we’ll call it a movie and retire The Princess Bride.